Photoshop to vector
Brushing tutorial in photoshop
by - flakgabo

1) Then I apply: layer/New adjustment layer/color balance ( View Image )

2) View settings; View result

3) Then I select Brush and select Air brush

4) Used different size of brushes and draw some lights.( View Image )

5) Then I select Elipctical marquee tool and create this ( View Image )

6) Alt - Enter to fill with color...( View Image )

7) Create rectangle around line ( View Image )

8) I created this...( View Image )

9) View settings

10) With smudge tool smoodge this dots ( View Image )

11) I drawed other details with same techniques ( View Image )

12) With Smoodge tool I smoodeged this circle try to use different strength, almost finished
( View Image )

Final Image

PS: Tutorial written with the permission of the Author!