Photoshop tutorials
Trendwhore designs 2 in Photoshop
by - Liam aka Ls-Dark

1) Created in 3d Studio Max using box modelling technique with a mesh smooth with a modifier of bed to enhance that 3d abstract look. The render is saved as a tga leaving us with a transparent background, making it easier to work with in photoshop (note: psp 7 does not support tga) No specific colour is used and no material is added, just plain render, I prefer to coloir and brush my own renders in photoshop.(_view image_)

2) The background and brush work: Here I have blocked out the main of the design with a large brush, adding slight variation in colour from green to white with a low transparency. Ive added a few adjustment layers, colour balance, contrast etc.. Most of the brush work is set to screen on the layer palette or overlay. I also erased away parts of the brush work to let the render show more in certain areas. Tip if your brush work aint that good, try just brushing a few colour's fill in the space and gaussian blur it, screen it and carry on this way.(_view image_)

3) Filling out the piece: Here we have another render made in 3d Studio Max in fact its the same render as I used for the initial render in stage one, just without the bend modifier. I have quickly erased the centre area away as it got to much in the way of the main focal area, pasted it onto stage 2 and lowered the opacity, (note this render was also saved as tga so had a transparent background not that white one)(_view image_)

4) This is what it looked like after all that hard work heh...As you can see its all pretty simple really. A matter of making layer, building them up with different colours and properties to suit your render.
(_view image_)

5) The 2d section: Well if you have read my tutorial on 2d creation you will know I normally make my 2d on a plain sheet first (2d sheet) and then apply it to the piece as its easier to see whats going on. Here I used some of my old 2d sheets (I felt lazy) and some new stuff. Most was built in psp on a seperate sheet which I then added to the piece and filled in the gaps to make it blend. More advanced work with 2d was done in photoshop, e.g using transform to change the perspective. The small type was done with silkscreen. I used some html code as it flows better and gives you that more random feel on size 1.(_view image_)

6) This is the final outcome (well nearlly)(_view image_)

7) As you can see from the last stage I had a big circle. Well I felt it wasn't doing much and wasn't there for a reason, id planned from the start the idea of the circle and to make it the focal point but it wasn't quite right. I selected the inside of the circle using the magic wand in psp, with this selection I then merged everything and used master blaster (a filter) to change the colour slightly (of course the only part to change colour was the inside of the circle which is what I wanted. I then added a few highlights and contrast's. For print purposes I added a border with a gradient of black to green to improve presentation. (_view image_)


PS: Tutorial written with the permission of the Author!
~Liam aka Ls-Darkr