Photoshop tutorials
Making of an Atom - Photoshop tutorial
by - Zed Von S

Make a new image that has the same pixels in width and height, then make a new layer, use the ellipse tool (circled above) and make 2 circles, one inside the other. Try to make it as even as possible, then go to "paths" and click on the 3rd button on the bottom shown in the upper right. |

Now fill it in with any color you want.. (I choosed light blue)

Now make the glass shpere visable. hit Ctrl and click the layer that the sphere is on. Now erase the upper part of the halo thats in the sphere. This will make it look like its going around the back of the sphere.

If you havent made the sphere already, look back on "how to make a glass sphere the easy way" and do so.

Now go to "windows" and go down to the "styles". Click on blue emboss that is circled above. This will make the halo into a blue glass like halo. If blue isnt the color that you choosed for your glass sphere dont worry we'll change the color later on.

Now make 2 or 3 copies of the halo and re-arrange the copies so that they are all over the glass shpere shown above. Notice that some of the halos edges go above the sphere or above other halos. Simply just erase the lil edges that should go behind.

Now that you clean it up. Click on the little eye of the shpere and the background thats to the left of them. click on one of the halo layers and hit Ctrl+Shift+E this will merge all the halos into one layer.

Now make 4 copies of the sphere hit Ctrl+T and up on top of one of the windows, reduce the width and height to 25% do this for the other ones or reduce sixe of one sphere copy to 25% and make 3 more copies of that one copy.

Now merge the smaller spheres together and low the opacity down to 50% about erase a small little portion of all the little spheres to make it look like its wraped around or attached to the halo. Now put the opacity back up to 100%

Now take the "burn tool" and a brush that has a soft edge and burn the small spheres opposite from the light source. Make the area where the halo goes through darker. (Note: I forgot to use the softedge on the pic above )

Now merge the small spheres with the halos and make a copy. Slightly drag the copy to the lefyt and put a little from its origonal spot, hit Ctrl and click on the big sphere layer but keep the halo copy highlighted. Now hit Ctrl+Shift+I and hit Delete this will get rid of the halo that is outside of the big sphere hit Ctrl and click on the big sphere again.

Now go to "Filter --> Distort --> Spherize" and push the bar all the way to 100% now lower the opacity down to 50% about and make all the layers visable. Merge the "reflection layer" with the halo and small spheres and hit Ctrl+U click on the "colorize" *(circled) and move the bars around that matches the color of the big sphere

PS: Tutorial written with the permission of the Author!
Zed Von S