Photoshop to vector
Blood in photoshop
by - Dalla 



1. Start with a finished colored image. Choose the placing of the blood and zoom in.

2. Block out the general width and length of the blood streams. This is just the barest outline so you know generally what it'll look like.

3. Draw in the body of the blood. I like really flowy, thin blood streams, and I work totally at random. I draw what feels right. I just KEEP drawing amd thickening until I like the end result. Then I add in bitty details, like a lil spatter to one side, or a drop that's fallen off his jaw . . . .

4.Now that I like the look of the blood, I start to shade. I LOVE Dodge and Burn. And I always burn before I dodge. Use the same light source as you did for your other shadows and shade the blood accordingly.

5. Now that you Burned and Dodged it all purdy, add in the extra-special white highlights! Make sure you click preserve transparency/lock your layer, and snag the good ole smudge tool! (use the blur tool if you have a version of PS higher than 5.02) Now smudge till ya like the look! Really all this is doing is smoothing out the color so the shadows an jightlights aint so harsh *shrugs* it's a personal need of mine.

Well, there ya go.

PS: Tutorial written with the permission of the Author!