Photoshop to vector
Star Brush tutorial in photoshop
by - Kuwari

Quick and east star pattern..

1- Create a new page, 200x200 pixels, at whatever resolution you wish. I put mine at about 200 DPI. On your new page, select the custom shapes tool, right below the text tool. Find the star shape (a little past half way through) Make a star, any size you want. Be sure to make it black, unless you want a transparent quality to your new brush.

2- After you've made your star, you'll want to distort it a little. Go to Edit --> Transform --> Distort. Just pull on the bottom left corner until the perspective has changed, like the star on the right. Once you're okay with your starshape, go to Layer --> Flatten image. Then Edit --> Define Brush, name your brush whatever you like.
3- Next, we get to set the star's brush settings, Go to Window --> Brushes. First, go to Brush Tip Shape and Click on Shape Dynamics. Make the Shape Dynamics match those at the left. If you're not happy with these settings, please do change them to whatever you want.

4- Next, select Scattering, and match the settings with ones below

5- Select Color Dynamics and match the settings with the ones below.

6- Finally, at the bottom of the Brush Presents, click on Smoothing and Protect Texture. These are not essential, but they do help a little. Now, select a color and test out your new brush. Remember to save your brush in the end so you don't have to do this all over again.

The star brush should look something like this when you are all done with the settings.

The hex code for the colors at the right is FFBD4B

Remember that some of these settings also depend on if you have a tablet or not. If you're using a mouse, the smaller stars will be harder to get. Mess with the settings for a while and you can get the results you want.

PS: Tutorial written with the permission of the Author!