Photoshop tutorials
How to pop your foreground in Photoshop
by - Allison Snavely

1. Set Your auto levels through the image > adjustments tab (_view image _)

2. Use selective color (image > adjustments) to over-emphasize your whites and blacks as needed (note: this helps distract the eye from the background)

3. Use the magnetic lasso tool (behind the lasso tool) to select your foreground image.

4. Find the inverse (select > inverse) of your lassoed foreground

5. Using the blur tool at normal - 100% strength (behind the smudge tool), blur the background to the desired level

6. Unselect the background and use a smaller brush to blur any missed edges manually

7. Using the magnetic lasso again, reselect your foreground and sharpen (filter > sharpen ) the selected area

8.with the foreground still selected, open selective color to brighten and emphasize the original color of the object (note: exaggeration of shadows and shines gives the object a sort of glow that looks uber neat)



PS: Tutorial written with the permission of the Author!
Allison Snavely