Photoshop tutorials
Re-coloring in Photoshop
by - ~siner

1) In this super easy photoshop tutorial I will show you how to re-color a picture in Photoshop in the color you want. This tutorial is very fun to just mess around with and see what different colors you can turn the picture into. This tutorial will give the basics of how to re-color a picture. So I hope this can help some of you out. This is something most people should know already so thats why its for beginners.

2) First we need the picture that we want to re-color. I used a wallpaper I found and I liked it alot but not the colors so I will re-color it. To re-color any picture in photoshop I always use Image-Adjustments-color balance.So from the green color I want to turn it into a red tone. So I will set the color balance toward red. (_view settings_)
Thats all there is to it, there are so many ways to re-color a photograph or artwork in photoshop, I think this is a really easy one.



PS: Tutorial written with the permission of the Author!