Photoshop to vector
Glow Tenticles in Photoshop
by - Tremorwave

Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select a long rectangle then fill with white as below

Rotate the canvas 90 degrees Apply Filter --> Distort --> Shear with the shape below rotate the canvas back 90 degrees the result should be similar to below.

using an eraser with the above settings erase the ends of the tenticle as shown

Duplicate the layer and position as required then hide the background and use layer --> Merge Visible
Reveal the background and it should look something like this.

Select layer --> Layer style --> Outer Glow and use settings similar to below adjust as you like

Finally select Filter --> Blur --> Blur more. The results should look something like this.

Here is an example of it in use.

PS: Tutorial written with the permission of the Author!