3d Studio Max Modelling
by - Tremorwave


This tutorial should cover the full details of my method of modeling in 3d studio max. Note that this tutorial has been made in reverse starting with the final model (due to post-create demand for a tutorial) so the views you may see not look the same as yours also the specifix numverics on arrays are estimated.

Step 1:( View image )
Press f10, and set the required size of your render (ie 1000x1600) press close go to customize --> viewport config go to the safe frames tab and select show safe frames in active view now the canvas is set up.

Step 2:( View image )
From the standrad primatives create a torus, and angle it approximately like so ignore where the ground is in the image - its is reverse-engineered) create another torus within the first as shown.

Step 3:( View settings )( View image )
Group the two objects and apply a modifier --> Noise seed 1 x-strength 300 the result is shown above.

Step 4:( View image )
Use a Tools --> Array : Move x -40 y +15

Step 5:( View image )
Group the whole arm and apply another array rotate x+30 y+30

Step 6:( View image )
Groupe the 'spiral' and duplicate twice, move one just behind to build up the front structure with the second move it above. Behind and slightly rotated the fill more of the future canvas.

Step 7:( View image )
create the standard omni-light and position low on the right to create dramatic lighting across the front objects.

Step 8:( View image )
Heavily increase the "field of view" level and zoom back in until you achieve something similar to above.

Step 9:( View settings )( View settings 2 )
Under the materials set the ambient and diffuse colors to a nice blue/green set the specular level to 100 and the glossiness to 30. Under the material map set the opacity with a standard perlin marble map at 100% apply this material to all of the object groups

Step 10:( View image )
Press f10 and render

Here's an example where the model is used.

PS: Tutorial written with the permission of the Author!